Building a large project on Xcode Version 12.0.1 (12A7300) with a simulator selected (iOS 14), gives various errors, whether the same project was perfectly working with Xcode 11.x and lower versions.

Note: Tested Project is a large project which is having many popular third-party cocoa pods [Swift + ObjC] AFNetworking, Firebase, RN Modules, Notification Extension target, etc.

Some of the Errors are as below:

  • No such modules (import installed pods)
  • Cocoapods post-build step with the script they install issue -> Pods/Target Support Files/Pods-All-Apps-XXX/ line 141: ARCHS[@]: unbound variable
  • ‘ObjCheaderFile.h’ file not found. (ObjC Headers in bridging file)

Khushwant Tanwar

Lead Engineer, iOS Development

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